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The hand-held bidet is giving toilet paper a run for its money!

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stickDid you know that Americans spend approaching US$10 billion on toilet paper every year? Now that is a staggering amount, which is also an indication of just how much Americans love to wipe their private parts with paper. Of course, you could well be asking yourself what the alternative is, and going back to using a sponge on a stick, which is what the ancient Romans did, or using dry clay or stones, as was the ancient Greeks preference, doesn’t seem so appealing. There is, however, a very popular option, though until recently, there seems to have been a reluctance for North Americans to embrace it the way much of the rest of the world does.

What are we talking about? The bidet, and in particular, the hand-held bidet.

Why have North Americans been so slow to use a bidet?

The reasons why North Americans have been slow to turn to this popular form of personal hygiene goes back a while and seems to be a legacy of America’s British forefathers according to the well-known sociologist Harvey Molotoch. In his book  Toilet: Public Restrooms and the Politics of Sharing, he points out that centuries ago, bidets became heavily associated with whores and brothels, the consequence being that people began to wipe more and wash less in order to distance themselves from whore-house practices. That tradition transcended the Atlantic and though the reasoning may have become lost in the mists of time, North Americans today still prefer to wipe than wash.

The other reason why the aversion to bidets lasted until recently is because what we get up to in the privacy of a bathroom is pretty much a taboo subject. While so much emphasis is placed on oral hygiene and nobody has any problem discussing the merits of a battery-operated toothbrush, try and get them to discuss the whys and wherefores of their favorite toilet paper and you’ll be met with shocked silence. We just don’t talk about anything that relates to personal hygiene below the waist, but we should.

However, there is good news, because more recently bidets have grown in popularity, for two principal reasons.

Why are bidets now becoming more popular?

First off, we talk more openly and freely about our health, and everywhere we turn, so much is being promoted as ‘healthy for you’, whether it is eating more fruit and vegetables, exercising more, or following a specific diet. Our health is now talked about as much as the weather, and we are becoming more open with our problems, including those in a more sensitive area, literally and metaphorically speaking.

Secondly, there have been major advances in modern technology which have helped to overcome many of the original drawbacks and faults with previous bidet models. Today, more-flexible hoses and easily adjusted water pressure are what you should expect from your hand-held bidet, not a clumsy device which has a habit of drenching you from head to foot or, worse still, only offering a trickle of warm water which is no good to anyone!

Personal health and hygiene

According to David Kaufman, MD, using a bidet could well be healthier for us: “It’s definitely preferable to toilet paper”, at least it is for women, stating that a bidet can have a tremendous impact on the urinary health of women. In referring to the bacteria which are a principal source of urinary tract infections, Kaufman says: “It is only through thorough irrigation with a bidet or hand-held shower stream that these bacteria can be washed out.”

To back Kaufman up, Allen Kamrava, MD, a colorectal surgeon at Cedars Sinai Medical Center has indicated that many patients with problems in that area use a bidet to “normalize” that region, citing additional benefits for those who have undergone surgery below the waistline, or for women who have recently given birth. As Dr. Kamrava puts it, a bidet is far better at cleaning “without the trauma of wiping.”

Hand-Held or static bidet?

blog1pic2Bidets have an image problem, because most of you will automatically think of something in a bathroom that looks a bit like a toilet, but without a seat. Admittedly they aren’t the easiest of things to use, especially if your mobility is restricted and particularly if you are getting older. In addition, the only way you can get to redirect the jet is to move your butt! Let’s be honest here, there are many more practical uses for the static-style bidet than trying to clean yourself! However, the bidet that is now becoming more and more popular is the hand-held bidet, which doesn’t come with a chunk of unsightly porcelain attached. Instead you can easily connect it to your WC, or install one in your shower, which makes perfect sense. Of course, there is no reason why you can’t have both as they are extremely affordable!

The RinseWorks Aquaus 360

Here at Rinsewroks w have been specializing in the design and manufacture of hand-held bidets for approaching thirty years, and we have always been at the cutting edge of design and use of state-of-the-art materials for practical as well as hygiene reasons. The latest model, the Aquaus 360 exemplifies all that is good about our company and it goes a long way to explaining why RinseWorks has been in business for such a long period of time.

Unlike so many other hand-held bidets, the Aquaus 360 has a specifically designed ultra-flexible hose and practical ergonomic design; perfect for those who may struggle to grip a hand-held bidet. Better still, the actual bidet is made of composite materials which won’t rust or seize up over time. Pressure is easily and accurately regulated with a ceramic disc valve as opposed to a temperamental spring-action found in many hand-held bidets. This ensures a consistent high-pressure stream of water without having to keep your thumb or finger on a button.

Watch our video, then give us a call

Here at RinseWorks we are extremely confident in all the products we produce, and especially our latest Aquaus 360 hand-held bidet, which is why it comes with a full three-year unlimited parts warranty and guarantee. To get an even  better idea of how effective it is, why not check out our video on YouTube – straight away you’ll discover that hand-held bidets are now becoming more popular as we have had over 10,000 views already and the video was only posted 8 weeks ago!




After you’ve watched the video, make sure you give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.