Every year, Americans use around 141 tissue paper rolls per capita, which equals 12.7 kilograms of litter. With the rise in the staggering amount of toilet paper used per year, there is a dire need to look for an alternative ASAP.

Toilet paper manufacturing exterminates millions of trees and leaves behind piles of trash. So to eradicate the problem from scratch, Rinseworks has come up with a solution.

Introducing the revolutionary Aquaus 360° Premium Handheld Bidet by RinseWorks.

The Aquaus 360° is the best bidet of 2021 because it’s nothing like your impracticable kitchen sink sprayers or the outdated seat-attached bidets that only spray from the back and offer no other cleaning uses.

RinseWorks has taken this upon themselves to craft a solution that provides the most features, saves money, is easy-to-use and reliable while being eco-friendly, and safe to use by people of all ages and genders.

But after spending years using toilet paper to wipe yourself down there, why would you shift to using a handheld bidet?

The answer is simple and clear.

Toilet paper comes with a lot of baggage that may include unhygienic cleaning methods, clogged toilets, heavy on the pocket, tough on the skin, and difficult to use for the elderly and people with mobility issues.

Keep on scrolling to figure out why you should stop using toilet paper and install the Aquaus 360° Premium handheld bidet on your toilet right away.


1.   Bidets Are Eco-Friendly:

The average U.S. household of 3 people uses 409 regular rolls per year. This much tissue paper ends up clogging your toilet and also impacts marine life when dumbed in bulk. Unfortunately, the cruelty doesn’t end here. The toilet paper is manufactured from virgin wood that is axed down in Canada’s pristine Boreal Forests.

Additionally, a single toilet paper requires 37 gallons of water to be contrived. Whereas, on average, a bidet uses 1/8 gallon of water per use. This massive difference clearly depicts who’s the winner!

RinseWorks loves the environment and is striving to manufacture products that pose no harm to our Mother Earth. Aquaus 360° handheld bidet contains a Brass Valve Core with a Ceramic Disc that can easily last up to 15 years and are easily replaceable. No need to change the bidet attachment or sprayer every now and then. All you need is a clean and safe water bidet system that provides efficient cleaning of your private parts.

2.   Bidets Are Cost-Efficient:

When you go for your monthly shopping, how much do you spend on your toilet paper?
Now calculate the amount that you spend every year just to wipe your front and back and that too without adequately cleaning yourself. Toilet paper puts a unnecessary financial burden on an average American. But, fortunately, bidets have taken over to minimize this.

In addition to that, when a pandemic strikes, the first thing that runs out of stock is toilet paper. But, if you already have a handheld bidet, more specifically, if you have the premium Aquaus 360° handheld bidet installed in your toilet, do you have to worry or stand in long queues like other folks out there?

Using a handheld bidet is extremely cost-efficient and safe to use, especially in times of crisis. The Brass valve core can easily last up to 15 years with very low maintenance and can be replaced after completing its tenure.

3.   Hygienic For Women & Expecting Mothers:

Women are generally at a higher risk of urinary tract infections (UTI) because of a smaller urethra. This problem is much more serious in expecting mothers because these infections can travel very fast and may affect the fetus if not treated in time.

UTI’s may have a lot of causes, but the top one remains the same ‒ poor hygiene of your genitals.

With the Aquaus 360° bidet, cleaning is simple and efficient since it allows you to thoroughly clean your genitals without leaving any mark of germs or grim in your bottom. Moreover, its dual thumb pressure control allows expecting mothers to comfortably hold and control the spray pressure without having to move in uncomfortable positions or getting themselves dirty.

4.   Comfortable & Gentle On Skin:

What is the most common problem that you suffer from while using toilet paper?

Itching, infections, cuts, and rashes. All these excruciating problems happening in the most sensitive part of your body. What a pain!

With regular use of toilet paper, the skin gets thin and becomes prone to infections, cuts, and rashes. Moreover, toilet paper always fails to clean you sufficiently, which results in grim and “bad stuff” attached to your back.

For people who are suffering from diseases such as Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, or urinary incontinence, you may have to go to the toilet more often, resulting in more and abrasive wiping. Roughly wiping your back may lead to anal fissures and hemorrhoids since the skin around your anus is very thin and sensitive.

The Aquaus 360° is specifically designed as a hand held Bidet sprayer for simple and all-natural personal hygiene. Its ergonomic design and precision rinsing permit you to rinse under your front and back bottom areas quickly and neatly.

Cleaning with a bidet sprayer for the toilet allows you to completely wipe off all the grime, germs, and bacteria without having to abrasively wipe yourself.

5.   Easy To Use For Those With Mobility Issues:

For seniors or those with mobility problems, cleaning your private parts can be a daunting task. Nobody loves to shovel their hands in the toilet bowl and get your hands messy and wet.
But with Aquaus 360° handheld bidet, all your worries can be solved. The Aquaus 360° is designed to fully cater to the needs of those who find it difficult to clean themselves on their own. Its ergonomic design helps you clean yourself comfortably and without getting your hands wet.

This is also a liberating experience for caregivers since their patients can now take charge and clean themselves.

6.   No Plumbing Issues & Clogged Toilets:

When we were talking about the cost, we forgot to mention how a bidet can save you loads of cash by cutting down the cost of regular plumbing and clogged toilet problems.

Use a bidet will greatly improve your level of personal hygiene, reducing the use of toilet paper and eliminating the need for environmentally unfriendly chemical-filled wet wipes, that are clogging up the sewer systems in many major cities in the US and around world.  By using less toilet paper you will not only save money but will also prevent the issue of clogged toilets. Also, if your house is not connected to a sewer system, you will have a limit on your septic tank. Less toilet paper will allow for your septic tank to be emptied less. Toilet paper clogs can be costly for you and can cost thousands of dollars to fix. No matter how strongly companies claim that toilet paper is flushable, large masses of it going through the same pipes will eventually cause problems. With a bidet, you really only need a few squares of toilet paper to pat dry so this significantly reduces the amount of waste you’re flushing each time you use the bathroom.

7.   Simple Cleaning for children

If you are a parent, then you totally understand what an arduous task it is to teach your children to wipe themselves with toilet paper. Every now and then, you realize that they have not cleaned themselves appropriately, and you have to take them back and wash them yourself.

With the RinseWorks Aquaus 360°, you only have to teach your child once and then leave it on them to wash themselves. No smelly, or no dirty clothes.

With the precision rinsing and its ergonomic design, your children can enjoy a good wash without getting messy.

The Final Takeaway!

The Aquaus 360° is revolutionary and the best bidet of 2021 and has made its mark in the handheld bidet industry. Its innovative and ergonomic design is its best feature that grants a liberating experience to its users. Containing a brass valve core and ceramic plate, the  Aquaus 360° is a reliable, cost-efficient, and long-lasting solution to all your cleaning problems.

The Aquaus 360° is the only hand held bidet that is NSF Tested and approved for Legal installation in the USA & Canada.