Feminine Hygiene:

Most physicians agree that products such as feminine hygiene deodorants and moist cloth towelettes may potentially be harmful and irritate the delicate tissues of the urinary meatus and vaginal opening. This irritation can lead to infection. Cleansing with fresh running water daily by using a Bidet is the most effective way to achieve the highest level of personal hygiene.

Sexual Intercourse:

Cleansing with fresh running water before and after intercourse plays an important role in preventing infections and keeping you fresh and clean naturally. Rinsing with the Aquaus Bidet after intercourse is also very important in preventing infections and maintaining the highest level of personal hygiene possible.

Vaginal Discharge:

During the reproductive years it is normal for women to experience some mucous secretion from the walls of the vagina and neck of the cervix. This varies amongst women and at different times during the menstrual cycle, making it more difficult to achieve good menstrual freshness. Birth control pills can increase or decrease the discharge, and the secretions are particularly greater during pregnancy. Sexual stimulation, with or without intercourse, also produces increased vaginal discharge. All of these secretions and discharges can be offensive. Daily use of the Bidet will dramatically reduce discomfort and most importantly help eliminate offensive odors especially in warmer weather.

Chronic Urinary Tract Infection:

The bidet provides a fresh water wash. It is also non-irritating, thoroughly cleansing and offers additional therapeutic benefits for the rectum, fabina, and urethra. Avoiding contamination of the urethra is recommended as a preventive measure when dealing with Cystitis and Urethritis. The bidet provides a fresh water wash and cleansing not achievable through the use of dry paper.

Pregnancy and Postpartum Hygiene:

As soon as the woman is pregnant, her systems and bodily functions start changing. Because of this the need for the Aquaus’ intimate cleansing and therapeutic benefits to keep her fresh, clean, and odor-free grow exponentially. Giving birth is a painful process, especially when there’s an Episiotomy involved. The Aquaus is a simple solution that easily connects to commode, faucets or showers so new Mothers can soothe her various perineal afflictions during the post partum recovery period.

Hemorrhoids Treatment Relief and Cleansing:

Maintaining good hygiene and keeping the area clean without wiping with abrasive tissue papers is the most important part of treating the bleeding, pain, and itching associated with hemorrhoids. Multiple daily cleansing with fresh running water is the most soothing and effective way to eliminate the use of messy creams and suppositories. These treatments are unpleasant to use and are often ineffective. Doctors also recommend cleansing with a bidet over the use of moist pads because the ingredients in moist pads can sometimes produce an allergic reaction, which adds to the irritation and discomfort of hemorrhoids. Some physicians believe that scents and inks in decorative toilet papers may cause irritation.


The upward stream of water, provided by the bidet, directly into the rectum in a steady stream serves to relax the internal and external sphincter muscles controlling the anus. Thus permitting contraction of the muscular walls of the rectum, causing feces to be more easily passed without straining. The bidet’ cleansing nozzle stimulates a bowel movement by relaxing the sphincters and lubricating the anus. An 8-10 second application of direct warm water flow is recommended prior to attempting to defecate. Increasing the water pressure with the pressure control valve allows the water to penetrate much in the same way as an enema and brings about a gentle, comfortable, more natural elimination. Daily use of the Bidet for this purpose gradually teaches the user how to relax thus relieving constipation through a natural habit.

Diarrhea and Dysentery:

These debilitating ailments have several things in common. Such as the constant trips to the toilet and subsequent need to wipe the anus causes painful friction of the rectum. This is especially painful for young children. Body fluids excreted when suffering from diarrhea or dysentery irritate the rectum due to their acidic toxic discharge. Again, wiping the anus exacerbates the problem causing much pain and discomfort. When suffering from either ailment, the bidet’s smoothing and cleansing actions from its cool water flow is literally a “godsend” to those afflicted souls. The bidet’s cleansing nozzles prevent irritation as well as flushing away bodily fluids discharged as a result of these ailments. Pat drying with soft towel eliminates the resultant wetness causing no irritation, no matter how many trips to the toilet.

Elderly Health Care and Physically Challenged Hygiene and Cleansing:

Personal hygiene does not stop with menopause; it goes on for life. Unfortunately for some getting older brings with it excess baggage, such as a measure of aches, pains, and ailments. Maintaining personal cleanliness is extremely difficult for many arthritic and handicapped people, so continuous daily use of the bidet brings benefits that make life measurably more comfortable and pleasant. Plus, in some instances it can eliminate the difficult or painful disrobing for bathing. For bed ridden patients, the Aquaus can be attached to a bathroom faucet and fitted with a 20 – 30 ft. hose so care givers can rinse bowel movements off in the bed pan. Or, used with inflatable bathtub and hair washing system for patients in bed.

  • Hot and cold water hand held Bidet and sitz bath,
  • Portable Bidet,
  • Rinsing bed pans out in the commode.
  • Cleaning patients when using commode chairs.
  • Cleaning showers and tubs.
  • Hemorrhoid Treatment
  • Feminine Hygiene
  • Rectal Surgery