Let me start by asking a question from you: if your cat pooped on your hand, would you consider it enough to wipe it off and move on with your life? I hardly think it’s possible. You would want to wash off your hand with water. Then why do you rigidly stick to the idea of wiping your bum with harsh toilet paper as being enough for your health and cleanliness? There must be a cleaner alternate. And there is an alternate, a better option. A bidet.

While bidets continue to become commonplace around the world, America is yet to catch up. For a lot of reasons and misconceptions, Americans continue, in large numbers, to be averted to the idea of having a bidet in their bathrooms. So, below we are going to address those misconceptions and walk you down a cleaner, healthier, and safer option for all – the bidet. 

Bidets are expensive and high-tech

This could not be far from the truth. If you have visited an Asian country especially Japan and your mind is stuck on some very high-tech model with a hundred buttons for operating the bidet, then know that those are not the commonly used ones. There are various types of models of a bidet and those that come with all kinds of functions are a rare sight. Most of the bidets are built with normal functionality that any person can easily understand. Plus, the commonplace bidets are not that expensive. Take a look at this hand-held Aquaus 360 bidet which costs less than $70. And it’s a one-time installation which is going to save you hundreds of dollars in toilet paper cost. There is one for everyone in different income ranges. Overall, they are pretty cheap. 


Bidets will increase water waste and raise water bills

Installing a bidet at home will save you money and the environment will thank you as well. This is just another myth. Look at this Scientific American article which suggests that bidets use 1/8 of a gallon while producing a single roll of toilet paper uses 37 gallons. Plus, in one use it takes the same amount of water to wash off your rear as it does in washing your hands. So, you will be saving water and putting a little less stress on the environment. Also, you control the stream of water from a bidet. You can turn it off and on as per your need. So you need not to worry about using excess water or wasting it.

Bidets are messy

It is an absolute myth that bidets are messy and will soak you wet as soon as you turn the lever. The modern bidets are designed with pressure control and you can even adjust the position according to your needs. The Aquaus 360 hand-held bidet comes with different lengths of the spray head so you can connect which size is right for your comfort. The spray heads are long so your hand remains outside the toilet and nothing gets splashed. The dual thumb pressure allows you to control water pressure and use the bidet easily from both, front and back bottom positions. 

They are unsanitary

Bidets are more sanitary than wiping off with toilet paper. In the case of Aquaus 360 hand-held bidet, it comes with an elongated sprayer that allows you to wash off dirt and residue from your backside without even going near the waste which is not possible when wiping with toilet paper. Also, bidet water is not toilet water. It is fresh, clean water from the tank, the same as you use for washing your hands in a sink. 


Bidets take a lot of space

Aquaus 360 hand-held bidet can be fitted even at the side of your toilet tank without needing a whole separate space for installation. They can be joined right at the water supply valve at the base of the toilet and can be either mounted on the wall beside the toilet or, for a smaller space, hanged on the toilet’s water tank. So, you don’t need to have a large bathroom to install the Aquaus 360 hand-held bidet.

You need a plumber for installation

The Aquaus 360 bidet kit comes with everything you need for installation. The kit comes with a t-valve, Sprayer wand with interchangeable spray heads, bidet hose and clear instructions. The t-valve has multiple finger grips so you can easily tighten the valve with your hand solely so no need for any tools or a plumber. You just attach one thing to another following proper instructions and you are all set. 



It feels weird after use

This is only a feeling. Most of the users of a bidet can never even think of going back to not using one. If it feels weird, that is because you are not used to the clean and fresh feeling that comes after washing with a bidet. So it feels different. But once use it a few times and see how clean and fresh you feel, you will become a loyal bidet user. The Aquaus 360 hand-held bidet comes with dual pressure control so you can keep the spray light and slowly increase it according to your comfort. After use, you get rid of all the smells and skid marks. You will be cleaner and healthier.

You need soap to go with the bidet

There is no necessity of using soap with the bidet system. The Aquaus 360 handheld bidet does all the work on its own. Rather using soap with pressurized water can be harmful to the sensitive anal area. It can dry out the mucous membrane and lead to inflammation, irritation, and infections. So, it is preferred if you don’t use any soaps in the rear area. Using soft water is the best way to clean the back area.


Bidets are for women only

Some people think that this fancy tool is for feminine use only. There is no denying that a bidet is an excellent tool for female hygiene but it is not exclusive to women only. It can be used by anyone and is beneficial for both men and women. Yes, bidets are very effective and useful when it comes to menstrual hygiene and cleanliness during pregnancy. They also reduce the chances of urinary tract infections by keeping the vagina clean. However, they are equally useful for men as well. They are for all people who use a bathroom. Bidets are excellent for cleaning the private parts of both men and women. 

Bidets are for the younger population

The Aquaus 360 handheld bidet is even more useful for the elderly and is not a high-tech gadget for the young ones only. The Aquaus 360 handheld bidet comes with different lengths of the spray head which can be chosen according to your specific needs. The longer ones allow you to reach farther by keeping your hands outside the toilet. In this way, senior people can use Aquaus 360 bidet without much movement which is quite useful for the elderly and those limited in movement.


Bidets are hard to use

It only seems difficult because bidets are relatively new. But once you use them, you will see how extremely easy it is to operate a bidet. Anyone, from children to old people, can use bidets easily. The Aquaus 360 handheld bidet has dual knobs and elongated spray heads so you don’t have to get up from the toilet seat or turn at weird angles to wash away the residue. You can just comfortably keep on sitting and clean both front and back of the rear side easily. 

Stop waiting for a healthier and cleaner life for you and your children. Invest in the only NSF certified, one-of-a-kind Aquaus 360 handheld bidet today.