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Why Aquaus 360

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Why Aquaus 360 – Please watch the Aquaus 360 comparison video below to learn how it works and why its unique ergonomic Patented design is so simple and reliable compared to other Bidets and personal hygiene options.

ABS or Brass Sprayer – The Patented Aquaus 360 Handheld Bidet is available with an ABS or Brass Sprayer body giving you 2 weight and price options. We chose ABS and Brass because it is an excellent material for Bidet sprayer bodies and plumbing valves. But, it is important to understand that Bidet Sprayers made with Metal or ABS bodies are only safe for use in your home if made with a ceramic disc valve core instead of spring valves like used in kitchen sink sprayers sold as handheld Bidets.

What Is ABS – ABS is a blend of polymer resins that creates a super strong, impact resistant, corrosion proof, easily moldable material that is just as strong and reliable as Brass, & Stainless Steel except lightweight, easy to handle and more affordable. In fact, ABS is so strong that we ran the Aquaus 360 ABS Sprayer over 2 times with an 8000-lb. truck and it still sprayed and didn’t leak, as you will see in the Aquaus 360 video below under the Related Video Shorts.

Hand Held bidet sprayer for toilet

The Aquaus 360 Is The Only Handheld Bidet NSF Tested and Approved for Legal Installation In The US & Canada!

Precision Rinsing – The Aquaus 360° dual adjustable thumb pressure controls make precision rinsing easy by allowing you to spray a small stream of water to locate the target area, then increase the spray pressure from a soothing and gentle rinse to a full pressure jet spray. The Aquaus 360° spray pattern is also the perfect size and shape for maximum rinsing efficiency and deep cleaning. Not easy to achieve when only using toilet paper that leaves germs and bacteria on your sensitive skin areas that can lead to other health problems and offensive odors.

Precision Rinsing Makes Cleaning with Cold Water Quick & Refreshing – The Aquaus 360° precision spray pressure and perfect spray pattern is designed to quickly rinse you squeaky clean in only a few seconds, so rinsing with cold water is quick and refreshing. Eliminating the hassle of having to tap into hot water pipes under your sink.

Most Flexibility of Uses – The Aquaus 360° is not only perfect for personal hygiene, it is also great for rinsing and cleaning the toilet after you go. Or, for rinsing Cloth Diapers, Bedpans, Potty Seat Bowls, Under Garments, Food Bibs, Muddy Shoes and many more of life’s messy moments, especially if used with the Aquaus SprayMate.

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Includes 2 Plumbing Code Required Back-Flows Preventers To Prevent Contamination of the Public Water Supplies During A Back Flow Event

About RinseWorks

RinseWorks is a family owned and operated American company located in Pompano Beach, FL. We have over 25 years’ experience designing and manufacturing state-of-the art specialty-plumbing products in the USA with domestic and global components. Domestic production along with NSF testing, allows us to offer the highest quality plumbing products for reliable, safe and leak free use in your home.

In 2011, after selling Hand-held Bidets & Diaper Sprayers for over 15 years with continuous leaking problems because of their push button and spring valve design and listening to our customers’ feedback about how a handheld bidet should be made. We set out on a mission to design a reliable, affordable, and easy-to-use bidet and multi-use sprayer.

In 2016, after over 5 years of research and development, we introduce the revolutionary Aquaus 360° Bidet and Multi-Use Sprayer.  In Dec. 2017, we were granted a Utility Patent in the US & Canada with International Patents pending.

RinseWorks believes the Aquaus 360 is the perfect design and the simplest solution for all natural hygiene. Our mission is to educate everybody about how easy the Aquaus 360 is to use and help the environment.

Hand Held bidet sprayer toilet adpaterBRASS – T-Connector & Blowout Proof Ball Valve with Easy Reach ON / OFF Lever

Easy Reach ON / Off Lever In Front – The Aquaus 360 Brass T-Connector is made so the Safety Shut-off valve lever is located in front and extends out 3 inches from the Tconnector so you can easily reach the on / off valve lever while comfortable siting on the toilet.

Simple Installation with Easy Grip Anti-Cross-Thread Nut- Brass T-Connector easily screws on standard type Toilets with the finger grip 7/8” Anti-Cross Thread Nut for easy installation without tools or a Plumber.

Vertical Hose Connection – Brass T-Connector is designed so the hose screws on VERTICALLY allowing it to hang straight down preventing damage to the hose behind the nut. Like T-Connectors made so the hose connect horizontally and bends down 90º which, can cut the hose at the bend behind the nut, as you will see in the Aquaus 360 Video below under the Related Video Shorts .

Don’t Be Fooled into Buying Low Quality Bidet Plumbing Products That Could Leak & Damage Your Home.


Hand Held bidet sprayer for toilet tips

Safe Reliable Valve Core

The Aquaus 360° internal brass valve cartridge with ceramic disc seals is one of the most reliable and long lasting type valves made with a life span of over 10 years. Ceramic disc valve cartridges are also used in all kitchen and bath faucets because of their reliable and long life span. Plus, if a valve cartridge ever did have a problem they can easily be replaced instead of having to purchase a new sprayer.




Hand Held bidet sprayer hose Aquaus 360

StayFlex High Pressure Hose

RinseWork’s high-quality Stainless Steel StayFlex hose is specifically designed for use with pressurized handheld bidet sprayers, offering an impressive 270 psi. burst rating, which is over 3 time the average home pressure. Internal super strong polymer hose is infused with a nylon braided mess designed not to inflate and burst under pressure. Unlike bidet sprayers that use low quality shower hose or pull out sink sprayer hoses made with an inflatable soft rubber tubing not designed to be pressurized, causing them to leak and become stiff and hard to bend under pressure.


Hand Held bidet sprayer for toilet tipsInterchangeable Spray Heads

What makes the Aquaus 360 truly unique is the 3 interchangeable spray heads, 5-inch extension and 2 spray pattern sizes that allows you to extend your spray reach 3 to 11 inches keeping your hand clean & dry as you rinse. Unlike kitchen sink sprayers sold as a bidet where the spray button is on the back of the spray head making them difficult to hold with no spray reach.





Quality Plumbing is Well Worth The Cost Knowing You Installed the Safest & Most Reliable Products In Your Home

kitchen sink sprayer not bidetWhat You Should Know!!!

Don’t Be Fooled – in believing low cost kitchen sink sprayers sold as handheld Bidets made with a Stainless Steel, Brass or ABS body are high quality sprayers, because they are not.

The Truth Is – It is not what the sprayer body is made of that makes a bidet sprayer or any sprayer high quality and safe for use in your home.

What Makes A Handheld Bidet Sprayer High Quality Is the High Pressure Valve Core It Has. – Bidet sprayers made of Metal or ABS body with a spring valve are not safe for use in your home, except when used as a kitchen sink side sprayer where the sprayer can leak in the sink and automatically be turned off when the kitchen sink faucet is turned off.

The Problem with Spring Valve Sprayers – is they work by a small spring pushing a soft rubber seal closed. So, the only part inside a spring valve sprayer holding back the water pressure from leaking is a small spring pushing a soft rubber seal closed. The soft rubber seals used in spring valves are also susceptible to being damaged by sediment and dirt particles in the water, causing them to leak. Or, the spring weakens over time allowing the water pressure to push the soft rubber seal open, especially if left under pressure.

This Is Why RinseWorks Does Not Sale Spring Valve Sprayers- RinseWorks only manufactures Bidet Sprayers made
with a high-quality brass valve cartridge and ceramic disc seals, same as used in bathroom and kitchen sink faucets that are NSF tested and approved to the Uniform Plumbing Code and includes 2 back-flows protectors.

The UPC (Uniform Plumbing Code) – The UPC in the US & Canada requires all handheld Bidets to have 2 back-flow
protectors for legal installation on potable water to prevent contaminating the public drinking water supplies if a backflow event occurs.

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Perfect Ergonomic Design

What makes the Aquaus 360 the perfect ergonomic design for quick and easy personal hygiene is the Patented Dual Pressure Control that allows you to hold the sprayer and comfortably adjust the pressure from both sides of the sprayer. Allowing you to easily rinse up or down by simply flipping the sprayer over. No other Bidet sprayer is more comfortable to hold and maneuver under your bottom areas as the Aquaus. The new ergonomic design, combined with the perfect size spray pattern allows you to rinse your front and back bottom areas quickly and neatly, keeping your hand clean and dry as you rinse.

Thumbs up for bidet

Rinsing Works

For hundreds of years, people around the world have been using Bidets because Rinsing Works. But, the problem and question has always been which, Bidet is the best design for all body sizes, with the most flexibility of uses and reliability for safe use in your home.

The Patented Aquaus 360’s is the answer. It has changed thousands of lives and will greatly improve your level of personal hygiene, reducing the use of toilet paper and eliminating the need for environmentally unfriendly chemically filled wet wipes that are clogging up the sewer systems in many major cities in the US and around world. Rinsing with fresh running water with the easy to use and hold Aquaus 360° Bidet is the perfect solution for all natural personal hygiene because Rinsing Works and wiping doesn’t.

Bidets Can Save 15 Million Trees Annually—So Why Aren’t We Using Them? 

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bird bidet

Europeans use them; 60 percent of Japan uses them; 90 percent of Venezuelans use them. They’re called bidets: basins that jet water straight to the parts that need to be cleaned after you’ve used the bathroom. And according to Scientific Americanthey could play a major part in living a green, environmentally sustainable life. But for some reason, North Americans are not on board.

Are they good for the environment?

Americans use 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper annually, which can make you wonder how many trees are being sacrificed to keep our derrieres only somewhat clean. Some estimates suggest that making a shift from toilet paper to bathroom bidets could potentially save 15 million trees.

Justin Thomas, editor of the website metaefficient.com, told Scientific American that he believes bidets are “a key green technology.” And it’s more than just saving trees from the cruel fate of serving as genital and fecal wipes. According to Thomas, it takes 473,587,500,000 gallons of water, 253,000 tons of chlorine and 17.3 terawatts of electricity every year to create the 36.5 million rolls of toilet paper needed by Americans. That’s excluding the amount of resources and energy required to package and transport them.

Won’t they use more water?

Simply put, yes. But bidet advocates make the case that the extra water is marginal considering how much water is already being wasted in a single toilet flush. (Depending on what kind of toilet you have, each flush utilizes anywhere between 1.5 and five gallons of water and that’s reportedly 24 gallons of water each day. In 2012, that amounted to more than $5 billion dollars worth of drinking water a year.) Bidets will consume more water — water for flushing plus water for cleaning — but it’s supposedly worth it in the end due to the all the toilet paper we save.

Are they hygienic?

One reason for the aversion to bidets is people’s concern of how sanitary they are. But medical professionals generally agree that bidets are hygienic, are gentler on your body than toilet paper and do a more thorough job of cleaning.


The difference between a hand-held bidet and a kitchen sink sprayer– important facts you need to know

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There are many thousands of you out there who either use a kitchen sink sprayer as a hand-held bidet, or are considering the option. Is it a good option? As makers of the best high-quality hand-held bidet our answer of “no” may be a little too biased for you, but what if we were to explain to you why it really is not a good idea to use a kitchen sink sprayer as a hand-held bidet?

Let’s start with efficiency and effectiveness. Perhaps the best example we can give of this is washing your terrace or decking. Sure, stick your thumb over the end of a hose to get a bit of extra pressure and you can wash away a lot of the surface dirt. However, use a pressure washer and boy, what a difference. Well the same applies to sink sprayers and the Aquaus 360 pressurized hand-held bidet we manufacture here at Rinseworks.

no sprayOkay, let’s take it a step further. Do you use a sink sprayer on plates where the food has dried on? Sure, you can get rid of a lot of the debris, but does it leave your plates clean? No. That’s why you have to put them in the dishwasher afterwards, or leave them to soak and then clean them by hand. Hand-held sink sprays are great for rinsing fruit and vegetables, but that’s about it, so why use something that is ultimately so ineffective, especially when it comes to personal hygiene?

If you are going to the trouble of cleaning yourself with a hand-held bidet, surely it makes sense to use one which has more than a superficial effect? You don’t want a spray which splashes water on and around your private parts, you want a spray that can get in all the ‘nooks and crannies’ if you’ll pardon the expression. After all, the more delicate and intimate parts of our body are not made smooth and flat like a plate!

You also have to look at the ergonomics, or actual design of a kitchen sprayer when compared to a hand-held bidet, such as our Aquaus 360. We’ll discuss the importance of the inner mechanism later on, for now we are just talking about practical use. In the simplest of terms, a kitchen spray is not designed to wash your personal ‘bits’, mainly because the handle is too short.

Yes, the practicalities of a hand-held bidet only become truly apparent once you start to use it. With the Aquaus 360 it is easier to maneuver, it can be operated just as easily whether pointing up or down (this is more useful than you may imagine) and, best of all, your hand remains dry while using it if you have one connected to your toilet, thanks to the much longer handle.

So, maybe by now you are beginning to get a better understanding of why a purpose-made- hand-held bidet makes so much more sense than trying to adapt something you use to clean the dishes. Now, before you lose interest on the basis that hand-held sink sprayers are going to be a much cheaper option, we’re saving that surprise until the very end. Why? Because we don’t want you to be persuaded to buy our product based solely on our ultra-competitive price, we want you to buy it because you feel reassured the Aquaus 360 will do what you want it to do, and a bit more besides.

Now, let’s get down to the quality and mechanics of the purpose-made Aquaus 360 as opposed to a kitchen sink sprayer. You might think that a heavy-duty metal sink sprayer will be of sufficient quality to adapt as a hand-held bidet. However, one of the most important parts of any hand-held spray is the valve inside, as is frequently discovered when the valve fails or malfunctions. When you mix failed valves with water, you invariably end up with water everywhere, so it doesn’t matter how heavy or what the actual sprayer is made of!

There is an eye-opening article about water damage on the Simply Justice website, which reveals the following facts:

  • Almost 40 percent of all homeowners have said that they have experienced loss from water damage
  • About 93 percent of all water damage can be prevented
  • Water damage is the second most frequently filed insurance claim in the United States
  • 250 gallons of water is released a day due to a 1/8-inch crack in a pipe
  • About 20 percent of all insurance claims related to water damage of some kind
  • Billions of dollars in property losses are spent each year as a direct result of water damages

In addition, the article also makes a very valid statement:

“Those homeowners with an understanding of the prospective damages associated with water are much more likely to stop problems before they become major issues.”

Here at Rinseworks we have concentrated much of our effort on the valve which is inside the Aquaus 360 to make sure this can’t happen. Instead of a traditional coil and spring valve with a rubber washer which can’t withstand any great pressure, we have incorporated a ceramic disk valve core which has been designed to be pressurized and is the same technology used in all faucets and shower valves today that last for 15 to 20 years. Additionally, this valve can withstand a pressure of 250psi, which may seem like overkill when normal mains water pressure is rarely above 50psi, but we are serious about making sure your hand-held bidet never lets you down.

Because we specialize in high-quality hand-held bidets, we score heavily over an ‘adapted’ sink sprayer when it comes to functionality and ease of use. How? Because we have dual levers on our hand-held bidet so that it is as easy to use and control when pointing up or down. In addition, with the Aquaus you also get easily and accurately adjustable water pressure, dramatically improving the effectiveness of our hand-held bidet over single pressure sink sprayers.

Finally, remember that we were going to leave the price to the end of this article. Well by now we’re pretty sure your mind will be thinking about a price point well above $100.00, which makes us very happy as we genuinely produce a quality product. However the news just got much better, as the Aquaus sells for just $49.95!

We know that when buying products online there is that lack of ‘try before you buy’, so we have done our best to overcome this by producing a video that will help you get a much better feel for just how effective the Aquaus hand-held bidet is. You can see it here, and if you still have any questions you would like answered before you make your purchase, you can ring 1-800-536-0858 or contact us via our website and we will be glad to help.


The hand-held bidet is giving toilet paper a run for its money!

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stickDid you know that Americans spend approaching US$10 billion on toilet paper every year? Now that is a staggering amount, which is also an indication of just how much Americans love to wipe their private parts with paper. Of course, you could well be asking yourself what the alternative is, and going back to using a sponge on a stick, which is what the ancient Romans did, or using dry clay or stones, as was the ancient Greeks preference, doesn’t seem so appealing. There is, however, a very popular option, though until recently, there seems to have been a reluctance for North Americans to embrace it the way much of the rest of the world does.

What are we talking about? The bidet, and in particular, the hand-held bidet.

Why have North Americans been so slow to use a bidet?

The reasons why North Americans have been slow to turn to this popular form of personal hygiene goes back a while and seems to be a legacy of America’s British forefathers according to the well-known sociologist Harvey Molotoch. In his book  Toilet: Public Restrooms and the Politics of Sharing, he points out that centuries ago, bidets became heavily associated with whores and brothels, the consequence being that people began to wipe more and wash less in order to distance themselves from whore-house practices. That tradition transcended the Atlantic and though the reasoning may have become lost in the mists of time, North Americans today still prefer to wipe than wash.

The other reason why the aversion to bidets lasted until recently is because what we get up to in the privacy of a bathroom is pretty much a taboo subject. While so much emphasis is placed on oral hygiene and nobody has any problem discussing the merits of a battery-operated toothbrush, try and get them to discuss the whys and wherefores of their favorite toilet paper and you’ll be met with shocked silence. We just don’t talk about anything that relates to personal hygiene below the waist, but we should.

However, there is good news, because more recently bidets have grown in popularity, for two principal reasons.

Why are bidets now becoming more popular?

First off, we talk more openly and freely about our health, and everywhere we turn, so much is being promoted as ‘healthy for you’, whether it is eating more fruit and vegetables, exercising more, or following a specific diet. Our health is now talked about as much as the weather, and we are becoming more open with our problems, including those in a more sensitive area, literally and metaphorically speaking.

Secondly, there have been major advances in modern technology which have helped to overcome many of the original drawbacks and faults with previous bidet models. Today, more-flexible hoses and easily adjusted water pressure are what you should expect from your hand-held bidet, not a clumsy device which has a habit of drenching you from head to foot or, worse still, only offering a trickle of warm water which is no good to anyone!

Personal health and hygiene

According to David Kaufman, MD, using a bidet could well be healthier for us: “It’s definitely preferable to toilet paper”, at least it is for women, stating that a bidet can have a tremendous impact on the urinary health of women. In referring to the bacteria which are a principal source of urinary tract infections, Kaufman says: “It is only through thorough irrigation with a bidet or hand-held shower stream that these bacteria can be washed out.”

To back Kaufman up, Allen Kamrava, MD, a colorectal surgeon at Cedars Sinai Medical Center has indicated that many patients with problems in that area use a bidet to “normalize” that region, citing additional benefits for those who have undergone surgery below the waistline, or for women who have recently given birth. As Dr. Kamrava puts it, a bidet is far better at cleaning “without the trauma of wiping.”

Hand-Held or static bidet?

blog1pic2Bidets have an image problem, because most of you will automatically think of something in a bathroom that looks a bit like a toilet, but without a seat. Admittedly they aren’t the easiest of things to use, especially if your mobility is restricted and particularly if you are getting older. In addition, the only way you can get to redirect the jet is to move your butt! Let’s be honest here, there are many more practical uses for the static-style bidet than trying to clean yourself! However, the bidet that is now becoming more and more popular is the hand-held bidet, which doesn’t come with a chunk of unsightly porcelain attached. Instead you can easily connect it to your WC, or install one in your shower, which makes perfect sense. Of course, there is no reason why you can’t have both as they are extremely affordable!

The RinseWorks Aquaus 360

Here at Rinsewroks w have been specializing in the design and manufacture of hand-held bidets for approaching thirty years, and we have always been at the cutting edge of design and use of state-of-the-art materials for practical as well as hygiene reasons. The latest model, the Aquaus 360 exemplifies all that is good about our company and it goes a long way to explaining why RinseWorks has been in business for such a long period of time.

Unlike so many other hand-held bidets, the Aquaus 360 has a specifically designed ultra-flexible hose and practical ergonomic design; perfect for those who may struggle to grip a hand-held bidet. Better still, the actual bidet is made of composite materials which won’t rust or seize up over time. Pressure is easily and accurately regulated with a ceramic disc valve as opposed to a temperamental spring-action found in many hand-held bidets. This ensures a consistent high-pressure stream of water without having to keep your thumb or finger on a button.

Watch our video, then give us a call

Here at RinseWorks we are extremely confident in all the products we produce, and especially our latest Aquaus 360 hand-held bidet, which is why it comes with a full three-year unlimited parts warranty and guarantee. To get an even  better idea of how effective it is, why not check out our video on YouTube – straight away you’ll discover that hand-held bidets are now becoming more popular as we have had over 10,000 views already and the video was only posted 8 weeks ago!




After you’ve watched the video, make sure you give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.